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What We Know About You

As a business owner, we already know some things about you.

We know you have a dream. We know you want to succeed big, to fill that gap that brought your business into being. You want a fair market share or to eventually dominate your market.

Yes, there are things we don’t know. Like how big your dreams are; what your particular business does; or how passionate you are about what drives you to do what you do.

We know you need help or you wouldn’t be reading this. You need more time and different skills than what you currently have in your business, whether you’re a sole proprietor or the owner/operator of a small to medium size business.

That’s what has brought you to this moment, brought you to us.


Our Services

We offer a full cycle bookkeeping service, both active and historical.

What is full cycle bookkeeping?

Full Cycle bookkeeping refers to all the collective processes required to produce financial statements for any reporting period you may require. This involves such undertakings as:


  • Recording your transactions, both sales and purchases, payroll, etc. (invoices, Sales Receipts, Purchase orders, etc)
  • Applying these transactions to the GIFI (General Index of Financial Codes) that Canada Revenue Agency accepts.
  • Reconciling bank account, credit card statements,
  • Priority management of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, (your cash flow)
  • For companies with employees, payroll is managed on your set schedule
  • For companies with Inventory, managing your SKUs
  • Filing monthly or quarterly government or organizational reports and Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Reports if requested
  • Preparation of Yearly adjustments
  • Yearly preparation of Financial Statements for your Accountant.


We can supply this as an active service where your information is sent to us daily, or as a historical service where you may choose to provide that information weekly, monthly , quarterly or annually.